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Background information

The Lucca home page allows you to convey information, news and important documents to all your co-workers.

The corresponding Communications module will be visible by users when at least one article was published. It is also accessible to all administrators who possess the corresponding management permission.

Managing articles

Adding, editing and deleting an article

You can create a new post via Communication > Add post.


An post is composed by a title, a content and attachments (if any).

The author and publication date will be automatically filled in.

Restricting posts to one or more legal entities

Should the circumstances require so, you can limit the publication to one or more legal entities. If no legal entity has selected, the article will be accessible for all.

Notification upon new publication

When an announcement is published, you will be able to send a notification to all concerned employees.


This notification is sent by e-mail and will include the title and content of the communication. Attachments will only be accessible from the Lucca platform. Please untick the corresponding box if you do not wish to trigger a notification.

Deactivating communications

If you do not want to use this feature, you will need to deactivate the permission"Manage Internal Communications" in the role settings. If you do not have the rights to modify the roles, please contact your global admin or the Lucca support team.


Activating the Lucca homepage

If you do not have the Lucca homepage and would like to activate it for your company, please contact Lucca support team.

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