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With the "Communications" block in your Lucca Home, you can communicate information and documents to all your employees in your company news.

Access to the administration of articles (create, edit, delete) depends on a permission. As an administrator, you will be able to define who can publish articles for a given establishment or for all establishments.

As an employee, the "Communications" block appears when the first article is published.


Administering articles

Add, edit, delete, the basics

There is an "Add an article" button to create a new article with a title, content and attachments, if needed.


You can restrict the publication to one or more establishments of your choice.

You can draw the attention of your employees by checking the "Send a notification to all employees" checkbox.

Disabling the Communications block

If you do not want to use this new feature, you will need to deactivate the Lucca "Administer internal communications" permission in the role settings. If you do not have the permissions to edit the roles, do not hesitate to contact the Lucca Help desk.


Good practices

Bring your publications to life

Users can share their feelings on a post


The balance appears on the Home block, for a given article from 3 likes.

Find your frequency

Without going to one publication per day, the main thing is that you find your publication frequency, and that it is regular.

Whether the topics concern HR, the social and economic committee or internal surveys, our clients are not lacking in inspiration.

A publication can also be dedicated to a team success or to sharing an internal event.

Brand identity guidelines, font, take care of your style

The "Communications" block only displays titles and indicates whether the post contains attachments. By opening the article, the reader will discover images and videos, or attachments.

Small files (60 MB) or redirect links to your cloud file are preferable.

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