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Cleemy can automatically collect your purchase receipts of from online merchant sites and transport companies. You will be able to access the receipt in the Expenses tab on the day following the transmission by the supplier.

To find out more about this feature, please visit: Collecting receipts.

 List of suppliers

Providers Status


Easyjet Available  
Fnac Available  
Free Mobile Available  
Orange Available Available  
Red By SFR Available  
SFR Available  
Sosh Available  
Trainline Available Documents imported automatically are payment confirmations. Trainline never provides receipts, as these are issued by transport companies.
B&You Beta  
BIP & GO Beta  
Boulanger Beta  
Bouygues Télécom Beta  
Cdiscount Beta  
CityScoot Beta  
Deliveroo Beta  
Dropbox Beta  
Egencia Beta  
Elastic Cloud Beta  
Free Beta  
Frichti Beta  
Gandi Beta  
Github Bills Beta  
Google Adwords Beta  
Google AdWords Beta  
Grosbill Beta  
G7 Beta  
Just Eat Beta  
Kimsufi Beta  
La Poste (colissimo) Beta  
La Poste Mobile Beta  
LDLC Beta  
Linkedin Beta  
Mailchimp Beta Beta  
MaxiCoffee Beta  
Metro Beta  
monCoyote Beta  
Ovh Beta  
Postman Beta  
PrestaShop Beta  
Prixtel Beta Beta  
SurveyMonkey Beta  
TopAchat Beta  
Uber Beta  
Uber Eat Beta  
Virgin mobile Beta  
Zoom Beta On request Documents imported automatically are reservation confirmations. never provides receipts. Attention: these documents are not valid proofs of expenses in the event of an audit. We activate this connector upon request only and client's full acknowledgement of liability
Airbnb Pending Technical development pending with our partner, Budget Insight.
Amazon Pending Lucca technical development pending
Kapten Pending Lucca technical development pending
Nestor Pending Technical development pending with our partner, Budget Insight.
 Orange Pending  

- Theis provider is available and functional across our clients.

Beta - This is a new provider that has been activated recently among our clients. The beta indicator is mentioned on the login interface: 


On request - This provider is available upon request only, for specific reasons (see  the Comment column in the list of providers).

Pending - This provider is actually under study or development by our partner or Lucca developpers

This status is provided for information purposes only and does not guarantee that a connexion to this provider will ever be available.

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