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This new feature is gradually activated during April. Should you want to activate it from now on, please contact Lucca support.

The current module evolves for you to be able to adapt the onboarding procedure depending on the future employee profile (legal entity, department, job, status...).

You can configure several mail, form and task templates. You will choose then the right configuration according to the future employee profile.

General information

The application interface has evolved to welcome this new feature. There are now two pages :

Configuration > Onboarding : 

This page is used to manage the templates to be used for an onboarding procedure. It is made up of three tabs : 

  1. Welcome mails
    Welcome mail is the email sent to the personnal email address of the future employee when you launch the onboarding procedure. It contains the form link on which the employee fill in some information for you to prepare his integration. 

    You can create as many mails as you need, and define one of them as the default email which will be pre-selected.

  2. Information request forms

    You can create several information request forms to adapt the information required depending on the employee. 

  3. Task lists

    On the onboarding procedure launch, you need to select one or several task lists which will need to be completed during the onboarding.
    You must create the tasks before adding them to the lists.

    One task can be linked to several lists. 

Onboarding management interface

This interface allows you to manage the onboarding procedures (launch a new one, follow the current procedures and access to the completed procedures).

Onboardings are split into four categories :  

- To start : corresponds to future employees or recently arrived for whom an onboarding need to be launched.
- Ongoing : all ongoing procedures for whoch the information request form and / or all tasks are not completed.
- To close : form is filled in, and all tasks completed. All you need is to check everything is in order and close the onboarding.
- Archived : this category allows you to retrieve all onboarding history.


Minor features

A few minor features have been implemented :  

  • Onboarding history : you can now view all interrupted and cancelled onboardings.
  • Possibility to launch several onboardings for a same employee
  • Add enclosed files to the welcome mails

Migration to the new module

No set up is required on your side. The current onboarding configuration is migrated to the new model. 

All ongoing procedures will be migrated to the new module as well.

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