FAQ COVID-19 - Managing co-workers' leave in Timmi Absences

Background information

If you wish to follow the recommendations of the French Government, it is possible to create leave motives specific to your company's situation in Timmi Absences.

Please see below for step-by-step instructions for each case.

Home office management

The following article describes how to easily manage home office leaves among your co-coworkers and how to allow them to submit requests with full autonomy.

Home office is generally not integrated in the payroll export. Do not forget to link this leave account to the Not to export category, as specified in the article.

The Home office leave account can be subject to the manager’s approval, similar to other types of leave, or automatically approved.

Short-time work and paid sick leave management

In the same way, you are free to create other leave accounts. This article will guide you through the creation of a new leave account in Timmi Absences.

Do not forget to inform the Labor Inspectorate, according to legal dispositions.

Paid sick leave

The French Government has implemented paid sick leave for employees who are required to stay at home and care for children, in the aftermath of education shutdown.

Just like for any other sick leave, this leave account will have to be set up in calendar days and will require that you collect a medical certificate.
Here is how we recommend that you proceed:

  1. Update the account Unit as Calendar.
  2. Make sure that the account is not available to users (Use).
  3. Define that no balance tracking is necessary (no entitlement nor consumption limit).
  4. Check the corresponding box if you wish to track this leave in the Reporting module.
  5. Attach the account to the existing "Sick leave" category.


If you would rather have your co-workers submit their own request, please adapt the account unit (only accounts set in Business days and Working days are available to users) and Use (available to co-workers).
Please note that this setup will not allow the export to be considered as sick leave.

Temporary furlough (or temporary company shutdown)

You will be able to set up temporary furlough as a leave that is set up in business days, and make it accessible to co-worker but with no balance tracking.


Transferring over to payroll

Please make sure that your payroll export clearly reflects how the absence needs to be configured in payroll. In some cases, it may be necessary to create a new payroll wage type.
Feel free to check out this article for set up assistance.

Saving co-workers’ leave

You have the possibility to enter one or multiple leaves at a time by using the module Manage the schedule.

If the accounts have been set up with no balance tracking, the requests will not set off any alerts in Timmi Absences.

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