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If you are a client of the Poplee Core HR solution, you can save a lot of HR information in the digitized file of your employees.

You may wish to ask employees about a particular subject. You can do this by creating new data on this point.

If the information is of an administrative nature, for example, you can ask the employees to complete this new data with an update campaign (this sheet explains how to set up a data update campaign of the HR file).

On the other hand, if the information is to be discussed in the context of a review, the data from the HR file can be incorporated in the review campaign form if you have the Poplee Performance solution. This is to get the employee's opinion on the issue during the preparation phase, if there is one, and/or to discuss it with the assessor manager.

The purpose of this sheet is to explain how to set up this type of question that is based on data from the HR file in a Poplee Performance review form.

How to get this type of question in my forms

To benefit from this feature, the Poplee Core HR app must be rolled out on your Lucca platform. Your HR file must be configured such that the data you want are in a simple list or text format. The permissions associated with these data must also be accessible for modification by managers at a the very least.

When can I use the update via the review?

This feature is useful for all information collection and storage needs concerning, for example, transfer requests or training aspirations. 

On the other hand, this will only be effective for the collection, and not the in-depth follow-up of training requests or any other process requiring reminders and notifications.

However, the ability to call text or simple list type data in a review form opens up many practical avenues for avoiding duplicate entries in the HR file.

How does the "HR file data" question work?

In the "Form" tab of the campaign settings, choose "HR file data" from the drop-down menu of question types. The HR file data is displayed: you can select one. Only text and simple list data is currently available. 


The assessed employee will be able to open the data from their HR file and propose new data. The person in charge of the review can confirm the update or propose new data. These data will be updated automatically in the HR file at the end of the review.

For all this to work correctly, a few checks are recommended:

What should I check before launching my campaign?

Here are the points to check before launching the campaign: 

Permissions are managed via the roles module: 

If the roles are not correctly set up, messages will be displayed in the campaign settings tabs and the launch will be blocked. 

If necessary, use the reports module from the Employees tab to see what has already been entered regarding the data concerned: warning! the form can only display "text" and "simple list" data at the moment.

What do employees and managers see in their forms?

This works in a transparent way. If employees have read-only access, they will see the corresponding data. If not, they can still reply to their form. There will be no blockages during the review.

Employee view


Reviewer view


What to do if roles change during the campaign

In the system, you will receive guidance and alerts to avoid errors: 

  • when starting the configuration and when adding the population, with an alert on missing permissions.


- during the campaign, with detailed monitoring of data not updated and links to HR files for editing if needed


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