Update the HR file through an interview campaign

Background information

If you have subscribed to our Poplee Core HR solution, you are already saving a lot of HR information in your employees' dematerialized file.

You may want to ask employees about a specific topic. To do this, you can create new data about this.

If this is for example administrative information, you can ask employees to complete this new data using an update campaign (please visit our dedicated article to configure an update campaign for  HR file data).

On the other hand, if the information is to be discussed during an interview, it is possible to use the  Poplee Performance solution to integrate data from the HR file into a campaign form.

The purpose of this article is to explain how to configure this type of question based on data from the HR file into a Poplee Performance interview form.

How do I get this type of question in my forms?

To benefit from this feature, it is necessary to have access to Poplee Core HR on your Lucca platform. Your HR file must be configured to have the requested data in simple list or text format. The permissions associated to this data must also be accessible by managers, with at least modification permissions.

When can I use the update via maintenance?

This feature is useful whenever you need to collect and store information related to internal mobility requests, training wishes, or others.

Please note that this will only be effective for the collection, and not the in-depth monitoring of training requests or any other process requiring reminders and notifications.

Nevertheless, the possibility of calling up text or simple list data in an interview form opens up many practical avenues to avoid re-entering the HR file.

How does the question "HR file data" work?

In the "Form" tab of the campaign configuration, choose " HR file data " in the question type drop-down menu. The HR file data is displayed: you can one only. At this stage, we only offer text and simple list data.


The evaluated employees will be able to consult the data in their HR file and suggest a new one. The maintenance manager may confirm the corresponding update or propose new data. This will be automatically updated in the HR file at the end of the interview.

To make sure this works properly, we are suggesting the following recommendations: 

What should I check before launching my campaign?





 If necessary, use the reporting module in the Collaborators tab to see which information has already been completed for the concerned data.
the form can only display "text" and "simple list" data at the moment.

If the roles are not set up correctly, messages will be displayed in the campaign configuration tabs and the launch will be blocked.  

What do employees and managers see in their forms?

This operation is transparent. If employees have consultation access only, they will see the corresponding data. If not, they can still respond to their form. No blockage will be made during the maintenance.

What to do in case of a role update during the campaign?

You will be guided and alerted in the tool to avoid errors: 

- at the beginning of the configuration, when adding the population, with an alert on the missing permissions

- during the campaign, with detailed monitoring of non-updated data and links to HR files to modify if necessary

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