[New] Approval and details of absence are changing in Figgo

Background information

This article is about a new approval approach in Figgo, which is being gradually released from March 2020 to all customers. Whether your environment is already migrated or not, you will find here all information there is to know about this project scope.

What are the main changes and who will benefit from them?

All Figgo users will benefit from the project: administrators, managers et co-workers.

Administrators and pay managers may now manage all actions on requests in a single interface:

  • remind approvers of pending requests
  • transfer a request to a new approver 
  • approve / deny / ask more information to co-worker

About this last item, managers - and others in charge of approving absences - have a new interface, redesigned for a chain processing of requests, with more details on each request.

An approve has 5 means to approve a request: 

  • from the "Approve" module in Figgo
  • from the mobile application
  • from the link in the notification email
  • from the "View schedule" module, by displaying absence detail
  • [new] from the planning in the "Request leave" page of the wo-worker

Co-workers will benefit from a change in pop-ups displaying absences in Leave request and View schedule modules. As before, they can view the detailed information of their absences (comments, approval steps, etc.). Changes consist in relooking and standardizing those pop-ups: in View the schedule, it is now possible to request cancellation of an absence and attach a supporting document (as it is already the case in Request a leave). 

Finally, emails sent as notification for the validation process have been redesigned, so that key information appear more clearly.

Features of the approval interface 

You may Approve or Deny one at a time, from the detail of the request. Button "..." gives access to complementary actions: send an email to co-worker and, if you have enough rights, remind approver of transfer request.


When you select at least one request, you have access to mass actions:  approve, and if you have enough rights, remind approvers or transfer requests.


You will find first requests pending you own approval, including cancellation requests, ordered by urgency - date of first day of absence. If you can manager requests for other approvers, they will appear, grouped within the same logic, under each approver (in alphabetical order). 

In order to reduce the list, search a particular request or act on a group of requests, you may use filtrers. The button "Filter requests" gives access to the following filters: 

  • approver in charge
  • requests with or without alerts
  • etc.

Details of absences in the planning

If you have the rights to view details, by clicking on an absence in Leave request or View the schedule, a pop-up opens. They have been redesigned to match the look of detailed information in validation interface. 


Substitute an approve for the request

This feature is still here, in the Roles, but now it only acts on the current request, made by the wo-worker. It does not change the Manager and Second approver of the user anymore.


Do you have other features coming on approval?

Thanks to this project, we will soon be able to offer customization of the approval workflow, in particular to have more than two levels of approval.

What about delegation of requests?

This project does not impact current delegation. This mechanism still works as usual, when an approver has activated delegation during their absence, a specific period or permanently.

I do not have the new interface, when will it be available for me? 

Very soon! The feature is are gradually released to all our customers between March and May 2020.

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