Automated Receipt Collection

Background information

Cleemy Expenses can automatically collect your purchase receipts of from online merchant sites and transport companies. You will be able to access the receipt in the Expenses tab on the day following the transmission by the supplier.

We are offering this service in partnership with Budget Insight, a company specializing in document aggregation. This feature is combined with the dematerialization service with probative value.

To use it, just update the various roles of your co-workers, in order to activate the access to this feature.

Service operation

This service allows you to connect your providers accounts via the Connectors tab.

To add a provider, please enter the login and password of your provider account. The next purchases made from this provider will appear in your list of expenses, after the corresponding receip has been issued. Depending on providers' processing deadlines, it can take up to one day to have your the receipt being collected automatically.

It is possible to connect to several suppliers. To suggest new suppliers you can do so directly at the bottom of the page by email.


Expenses created via the receipt collection feature will be pre-filled with the following information: 

  • Nature, based on the provider
  • Expense date
  • Expense amount

If your credit card is connected to Cleemy Expenses, the receipts will be associated with the transactions that are being retrieved from the bank thanks to the automatic reconciliation of expenses.

To avoid being overwhelmed with old expenses, Cleemy Expenses will import receipts for transactions completed after you have activated the connection.

Activating the receipt collection feature

In order to display the Connectors tab in Cleemy Expenses, please follow the procedure below:

The activation is made from the role management interface. If you do not have the permission to modify roles, please contact the Lucca support team.


From this section, you can edit the roles settings and add the permission Automatically collect the receipts to your eligible roles. 

The scope of this permission is restricted to the User.

Providers status

A status is displayed for each provider to ensure a service proper, as well as the automated collection of the receipts.


The connected status indicates the service is running properly.


A new expense will be created every time the provider issues a receipt.

Action required

The Action required status shows that the retrieval of receipts is not working anymore but corrective actions can be performed to restore the service operation.


This status can appear for the following reasons:

  • You have changed your password on the provider account
  • Your account has expired

An error message will be displayed showing the procedure to restore the service operation.
Example: if you changed the password on your provider account, you will have to delete and recreate the provider in Cleemy Expenses, using your new password.


The Error status shows that the collection of receipts from this provider is down, due to technical reasons.


Technical teams are automatically informed.

What if personal expenses were made via a provider connected to Cleemy Expenses?

It is possible to use the same provider account for both personal and business expenses. In that case, you just have to delete personal expenses from the list of expenses.

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