Filter questions/sections so they are visible to a specific population

Are you setting up a new campaign and your form contains questions that are only for certain employees?

For example, you might need to:

- ask new employees who have arrived in the last few months for feedback about onboarding

- reserve a question for certain employees with a particular certification, occupation category or contract type

- combine all the questions for each department on a single form, but adjust the visibility of the sections for each department, so that each person can only see the questions for their own department.

You can use filters when creating questions, in the Form tab of the campaign settings.

How do I filter a question?

Hover your mouse over the question you want to filter to bring up the copy, delete and filter icons. Click the funnel icon to filter the question.


A new panel opens on the right, allowing you to add a filter. Several filters can be added to refine the target population.  The filtered data comes from Lucca data and other software that may be available on your platform, such as Poplee Core HR or Timmi Absences.

At the bottom of the page you will find a summary of the applied filters. Further down is the total number of employees impacted by your filter combination, to help you check the relevance of the calculation. 


Hover your mouse over the result to see details of the people matching the filters:


If you are happy with your filters, don't forget to click on "Save".

 Please note that if you duplicate this question, the filters will also be duplicated.


To check how it looks before launching the campaign, use the "Preview" tab to choose an employee affected by these filters.

Filters on sections and questions are activated when the campaign is launched. 

Please note, if you use appData filters (e.g. roles, departments, HR data, etc.), only information provided BEFORE the campaign is launched will be taken into account.
For example, if an employee changes role (from user to manager), their role will not be updated in the database. Their review will have to be restarted for the change to be taken into account. 

Use several filters

Filter conditions are cumulative (AND).
If you set several filters on the same question, Poplee Performance will search for the employee matching the criteria. mceclip1.pngIn the above example, if no employee belongs to both Lucca UK and Lucca FR, the filter will not apply to any employee. 

However, you can specify several values in the same filter. For example, for the "establishment" filter, by entering the values "Lucca FR" and "Lucca UK" in the same filter, employees of Lucca FR OR Lucca UK establishments will be included in the question.  mceclip0.png

If you set a filter on the section and then on the questions in that section, it will first filter on the employees who have the right to access the section and, secondly, it will refine the filter by applying that of the question.


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