Contracts management in HR files

This new feature is progressivly being deployed. Should you want to activate it now, feel free to contact Lucca support.

There was no possibility until now to create more than one work contract for a given employee. You had to replace previous contract information in case of contract modification or return of an employee.

General information

A "Contracts" section is available in the navigation menu of the employee's file. You will be able to create, edit and delete an employee's contracts.


Each sub-section of the "Contracts" section is dedicated to a contract, it can be a past contract, a current one or a future one. Contracts are displayed from most recent to oldest. 

The following data is available in the contract :

  • Start date
  • Legal entity
  • Socio-professional Category
  • Nature of contract : internal or external
  • End date

In the event of a future change to any element of this contract (such as establishment or socio-professional category), you can create an amendment to the contract. The changes will be scheduled for a future date and applied automatically. You will find a history of changes made on the current contract.


7 contract templates are created by default: 

  • Permanent
  • Fixed-term
  • Internship
  • Apprenticeship
  • Temporary
  • Others – internal
  • Others – external

You will have the option to edit these templates and create new ones according to the way you function.  

In a template, you will have the possibility to configure the following items: 

  • Template type (permanent contract, fixed-term contract, internship, etc.): this type will define what type of data can be activated for this template. 
  • Template title: it will be visible from the employee's HR file.
  • Establishments associated with the templates.
  • Data activated for the template. Data that can be activated will depend on the type of contract you chose. For instance, for internships, the data "internship tutor" can be added. 


  • Data values such as "List of values". You can activate or deactivate some values and add custom ones.


These settings will enable you to adapt your templates to your organization. For example, you might need 2 templates for fixed-term contracts, depending on their duration, etc.  


Can I delete employment contracts ?

Yes, you can, except from the last contract. An employee must have at least one contract. 

Can I add other information to employment contracts ?

Only data available in employment contract templates can be added.

Can I anticipate more than one contract in the future ?

Yes, you just need to make sure there is no overlap between the different contracts. In order to create a contract in the future, existing contracts must have an end date. 

Who can view employees' contracts ?

Contract data are visible if following authorizations are given to users: "Consult employee's contracts" and/or "Edit employee's contracts". 

When an employee changes establishment or socio-professional category, should I create a new contract or just edit the data?

You can create a contract amendment. You will plan the change of establishment or socio-professional category in the future thanks to an effective date of modification. You can also attach a file and a reason for that change to the amendment.

From a payroll point of view, socio-professional category or establishment are not necessarily displayed. However, the conventional status of the employee must be mentioned on payslip (in France), through this status is often reflected the notion of "executive" or "non-executive". 

In any case, on payslips, the presence of certain social contributions dedicated to executives, or possible advantages linked to an establishment leave no doubt about the qualification and location of the employee.

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