How do I show/hide overtime balances on the timesheet?

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This page will help you understand how to count overtime hours on your balances.

Overtime not appearing in balances/excess overtime appears

Is the submission made on a monthly basis when the accounting rules are weekly? 

If the accounting rules are weekly, all overtime for the week is counted on the last day of the week (Sunday). If Sunday is on the following timesheet, overtime will be counted on the following timesheet.

Has the user changed their work cycle, and therefore their regulations during the week?

This cuts their timesheet in two. Although if the accounting rules are weekly, their overtime is counted on Sunday, i.e. in the second timesheet.

Does the employment contract, and therefore the timesheet, start in the middle of the week when the contract starts before?

If you have weekly rules (e.g. increased amount rules if working time exceeds 35 hours in a week), it is preferable to start the work cycle on a Monday, so that the timesheet contains all the days of the week.
If the timesheet starts in the middle of the week, and the user has an active contract but no work cycle at the beginning of the week, Timmi Timesheet will apply the default work cycle (5 days worked/week). If the timesheet is in hours or schedules, this will affect the calculations.

If it is not possible to start the work cycle on a Monday, then you have to consider a manual adjustment, so please get in touch with the help desk to discuss the most appropriate solution.

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