Switching from a schedule cycle to a daily cycle, and a change of regulations for an employee

Modification of a work cycle

A user has switched from a schedule cycle to a daily cycle, and their timesheet displays portions of days?


If you have subsequently modified the user's work cycle, and the user had already entered schedules on their timesheet, the schedules are retained alongside the new cycle in days.

To delete time entries that are no longer required, contact the help desk to request technical assistance.

Next time, to avoid this, we advise you to anticipate a user's future work cycles by adding them to their user file. Timesheets will switch from one regulation to another automatically, so there's no risk of incorrect use!

Changing regulations

If one or more employees are transferred from one regulation to another, it is advisable to modify the work cycle of the employees concerned in the HR file to retain the history.

The start date of the new work cycle must be a Monday for the hours to be calculated correctly.

If the new submission period is in months, the new work cycle should start at the beginning of the month. 

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