Managing public holidays

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The public holiday management module can be found in the Lucca settings (cog wheel at the top right). It allows you to manage your employee public holiday calendars used for the various Lucca solutions.

Lucca relies on an international public holiday service ( to provide automatically updated calendars according to country. We automatically synchronize public holidays for the next 2 years.

In Lucca, you can use synchronized calendars (those updated automatically), or create customized calendars.


To help you configure your calendars, here are a few useful definitions.

Calendar: a calendar is a collection of public holidays generally applied to a country or region. Lucca offers synchronized (automatically updated) calendars, and you can also create customized calendars. Only one calendar should be assigned to each Lucca user.

Public holidays: a public holiday is a day that is not worked in a calendar. It consists of a name and a series of occurrences.

Occurrence: an occurrence is the date of a public holiday in a year. For example, 01/01/2021 is the occurrence in 2021 of the "New Year's Day" public holiday.

Configure calendars

You need to add the calendars you wish to assign to employees to your database.

Add a synchronized calendar

If you wish to add a standard public holiday calendar, click on Add a calendar and choose one from the list. There is a calendar for each country, and sometimes several in the case of regional calendars (France, Germany, Spain, for example).

Selecting a calendar gives you an overview of the public holidays it contains. Just click on "OK" to add it. Important: the ability to exclude certain public holidays will be available in the future.


Create a customized calendar

If you have specific public holidays that are not available in the list, or if you wish to create a calendar combining public holidays from different countries, you can create a customized calendar.

To create a customized calendar, click on "Add a calendar" "Add a custom calendar", then name it.

This calendar is empty by default, so you need to add public holidays, either customized or taken from a synchronized calendar.


Delete a calendar

To delete a calendar, simply select it and click on the delete icon.

Only calendars with no employees attached (including employees who have left the company) can be deleted.

Managing public holidays

Synchronized public holidays in synchronized calendars can be deactivated (but not removed from the calendar).

On each calendar (synchronized or not), you can add public holidays by clicking on "Add a day".

You can add a synchronized holiday (from a calendar in the list), which will be updated automatically each year, or create a customized holiday.

To create a customized public holiday, enter a name, Save, then click on the created day to add occurrences. You will need to manually create all occurrences on custom holidays. An option allows you to duplicate an occurrence for the next 20 years if the public holiday occurs on the same date every year.

Add a synchronized public holiday



 Add a custom holiday

Manage occurrences


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