Managing Public Holidays

Background information

The module for managing public holidays is in Lucca admin (cogwheel at the top right).

You can go to it to manage all public holiday calendars for employees. 

To manage public holiday calendars correctly in Lucca, you must first understand how they work. 


Lucca relies on an international public holiday service. This service makes automatically updated calendar templates available.

It is important that we describe the 3 components behind public holiday management. 


An occurrence is a single date.

For example, 01/01/2020 is an occurrence.

An occurrence can be for a full day, the morning only or the afternoon only.

Each occurrence is then linked to, and dependent on, a single public holiday.

Public holidays

A public holiday is a group of occurrences.

It has a name and is made of a set of dates (occurrences).

For example, ‘New Year’s Day’ is a public holiday made of multiple occurrences: 01/01/2019, 01/01/2020, 01/01/2021, etc.

Each public holiday is linked to, and so dependant on, a single calendar. 


Each user is linked to a single calendar.

The calendar tells the different Lucca applications what public holidays an employee has.

A calendar is a set of public holidays, which also contain occurrences.

Managing calendars

Creating a calendar from a template

To create a new calendar, click on Add a calendar’.

In the window that opens, you will see all the templates from our service.

When you select a template, you will see an overview of the public holidays that depend on this template. Simply click ‘OK’ to add this calendar with the public holidays it contains.


Creating a custom calendar 

If you want to create a custom calendar, click on ‘Add a calendar’, and then on ‘Add a custom calendar’.

You will be asked to name the calendar.

By default, this calendar will be empty. You can add different public holidays later to complete it.


Deleting a calendar

To delete a calendar, simply select it and click on the delete icon.

Only calendars with no employees linked to them (including employees who have left the company) can be deleted.

Managing Public Holidays

Adding a public holiday to a calendar

You can add public holidays to each calendar (whether from a template or not).

Just like calendars, you can add custom or template-based public holidays.

Adding a template-based public holiday to a calendar

Select a calendar and click on ‘Add a day’. 

Next, select the calendar that the day comes from and finish by selecting the public holiday you want to add. 

Even if this public holiday is from a different calendar template, our service will update it.


Adding a custom public holiday to a calendar

Select a calendar and click on ‘Add a day’. 

Next, select ‘Add a custom holiday’ and name it. This public holiday will not have any occurrences, but you can add them later. 

This public holiday will not be updated as it does not come from a template.


Removing a public holiday from a calendar

To remove a public holiday from a calendar, simply disable it using the on/off switch on each public holiday.

You can also permanently delete it using the delete icon.

You can only delete custom holidays and public holidays from a different calendar template than the calendar you are using, Public holidays that belong to the template can only be disabled.


Managing occurrences

Occurrences are automatically generated on all public holidays from a template.

You cannot add or remove an occurrence from a public holiday that comes from one of our templates.

Adding an occurrence to a custom holiday

To add an occurrence, you must select the calendar and then click on the public holiday in question. In the window that opens, you can click on ‘Add an occurrence’ to add the date.

After you enter the date, you can decide the duration of this public holiday (morning only, afternoon only, full day) and apply an occurrence (‘Duplicate for the next 20 years’). This last option will copy the occurrence on this date for the next 20 years, for the purpose of simplifying entry of a recurring event.


Removing an occurrence from a custom holiday

To remove an occurrence, simply select the public holiday in question and click on the delete icon for the occurrence. It will then be permanently deleted.

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