How to retrieve your data?

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You can recover your data at any time and from any of the Lucca apps.

How to recover your data?

Leave - Timmi Absences

1. Leaves and co-workers’ balance:  you can create a report via Timmi Absences> Reports > Custom reports > Leaves/Balance). Feel free to include additional columns, such as “Starts in the morning” and “Ends in the afternoon” to enhance quality of your report. 

See the dedicated help article

2. Export previous payroll exports: you access find the payroll exports history via Timmi Absences > Exports > Payroll exports.

Expense reports - Cleemy Expenses

1. Report on expenses: you can create a report on all the expenses from the beginning via Cleemy Expenses in > Reporting > Expenses. 

See the dedicated help article

2. Zip file of imported receipts: this file can be downloaded via Cleemy Expenses > Reporting > Receipts

See the dedicated help article

3. Archives with probative value: if you have subscribed to the dematerialisation service with probative value, you can download a zip file containing the archives with probative value via Cleemy Expenses > Reporting > Receipts. 

4. Accounting/ payment export files : you can download the exports you have generated out via Cleemy Expenses > Exports > Exports history.

Users and HR file - Poplee Core HR

1. Employee data: you can create a report of employees' data via Co-workers > Reporting > New report > Select all the data. Generate the result in order to download the report. 

See the dedicated help article 

Remuneration and payslip - Pagga Compensation & Pagga Payslip

1. Report on the actual remuneration: you can download this report from Pagga Compensation > Reporting > Actual remuneration > Generate then download the report. 

2. Payslips: You can download a co-worker's payslips via Pagga Payslip > Settings > Retrieving payslips for former employees.

See the dedicated help article

Payslips that are distributed via Pagga Payslip are stored for 50 years and remain available on the following website:

Reviews - Poplee Performance

1. Reviews history: you can export an excel sheet that contains all of the co-workers’ answers given for past campaigns via Reviews > Campaigns > Selecting the campaign > Export all replies.


Poplee Engagement - pulse surveys, quality of life at work

You launched surveys on the old version of Poplee Engagement (Bloom)

Click on the “My Reports” tab. You can download 4 types of reports:

  • One pager : one page synthesis of your teams' results for any survey,
  • Analysis by survey : synthesis of Poplee Engagement indicators (fulfillment, participation, pillars…) for any survey,
  • Results for a survey : report of your teams' answers for any survey,
  • Data export : your teams' answers in Excel format for any survey.


You can also export all comments for each survey in Excel format (History > Sent surveys > click on the survey of your choice > Export comments).



You have launched surveys on the new version of Poplee Engagement

You can download all the results of your Poplee Engagement surveys from Poplee Engagement > Results in Excel (the heat map and comments) or PPT (the reports) format.




Timmi Timesheet - Reports and dashboards

In order to retrieve the data entered in Timmi Time by your employees (reports, times, comments, etc.) we recommend that you use the dedicated reports module in the solution. To consult all this information and download it later, here is the procedure: Generate reports on times and activities.

This module offers a dashboard and 6 types of reports: 

  • Time (which covers the data of the former "standard" and "break duration" reports)
  • Activities
  • Timesheets
  • Comments
  • Alerts
  • Accounts (includes data from the old "Accounts" and "Rules" reports)

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