Making a report about your internal attendees

Background information

You can use Cleemy Expenses’s invitation report to track the number and cost of meals users participated in. I

You can access the report in the Reporting > Internal attendees tab.


The standard report: breakdown of invitations

If you do not have Timmi Absences, the attendees module cannot determine employees’ leave days. In this case, Cleemy Expenses will only show you the following information:

  • The employee’s name (their employee number is also entered in the Excel export)
  • The total amount of the meals they participated in. On meals with other diners, only their portion of the meal is indicated.
  • The total number of expenses on the selected expense natures that the employee participated in (as the person who submitted the expense or as an attendee)
  • The average amount of a meal for this employee (ratio between the total cost and number of invitations)

Filters available

You have four filters for producing the report: legal entity, reference date, period and expense natures.


The report will look at expenses that meet the following criteria:

  • Only ‘Restaurants and Invitations’ natures can be included in the report.
  • The expense was created by a user who belonged to the legal entity selected when they submitted their expense report.
  • The expense date is within the selected period. We suggest you use the expense report’s creation date to make sure expenses submitted late (i.e. before the period) are taken into consideration.
  • The module does not consider the status of the expense report that contains the expense. It might be: submitted, approved, paid, controlled or entered into the accounts.

Since some users did not take part in a meal during the period, they are not included in the report.


Invitations between legal entities

The report is published for only one legal entity at a time: it focuses only on expenses submitted by users who belong to the legal entity you selected.

For example, if Nancy, a user from Company A, invites Patrick from Company B:

  • Patrick’s meal will not appear in the reports for Company B or Company A
  • Nancy’s meal will only appear in Company A’s report

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