Duplicate expenses

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Cleemy Expenses is now able to flag when expenses appear to be duplicates, i.e. when the same date and the same amount are detected.

How does it work?

The alert appears as the expense is being created, and indicates which other expense this seems to be a duplicate of (an expense pending submission or an expense already submitted).


This alert disappears if one of the duplicates is deleted. If the user submits the duplicate expense, the manager will also see the alert during the approval stage. 

Two expenses from the same banking source cannot be duplicates: if the bank reports two transactions of €50 on the same day, Cleemy Expenses trusts the bank and considers them to be two separate purchases.


If you are using our Powens banking service and an expense has been created in addition to the Powens upload, these two expenses will be automatically merged using the automatic reconciliation feature.

If there are two identical Powens expense reports, these would simply be flagged as errors.



The duplicate detection feature can be activated and deactivated in General Settings: 



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