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Some absences (unpaid leave, parental leave, etc.) do not accumulate employees' rights to leave or Comp days. It is therefore recommended to temporarily suspend in Timmi Absences the accrual of leave for this type of absence, so that the leave balances and entitlements are updated and aligned with payroll when the employee returns.

The method recommended in Timmi Absences

In order to suspend accrual for these cases, we advise you to create rules to allow leave rights to be adjusted for certain absences. 

To do this, go to Timmi Absences > Configure > Regulations. Select an establishment, then "Accrual". 

For long-term absence and temporary suspension of rights, the prorating rule seems the most appropriate to indicate from how many absence days (sickness, parental leave, etc.) leave rights are suspended. Leave entitlements to be adjusted. In these cases, the term “trigger threshold” is used.

To set up your rules, consult our article Adjustment of accrued rights


For Comp days, if they have to be adjusted immediately after the first absence day, we advise you to set a prorating rule without a threshold.

If the accrual of paid leave is suspended after 30 absence days, set a prorating rule with a threshold of 30 days (or 20 days if you calculate proration in working days).

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