Restricting What Analytical Axes are Available in Timesheets

Restricting What Analytical Axes are Available in Timesheets

Background information

If you have a  Timmi Timesheet regulation in Activity mode, this page explains how to restrict analytical sections so only certain declarants can post time on them in their timesheets.

If you have  Timmi Projects, analytical axes are managed by the projects. You can visit this page: Creating or Editing a Project.

Restricting access to analytical sections

Click on the cogwheel at the top right of the screen > Organization > Analytical axes.

Click on an analytical axis, then on an analytical section (a value on this axis).

Choose the ‘Restricted’ access type. You can then restrict access to this analytical section to legal entities, departments or users by clicking on the dedicated fields.

When creating a new  Timmi Timesheet user, remember to check that they have access to the analytical sections they will need to post time on!


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