Generating Periodic Remuneration Exports

Background information

In the Pagga Compensation module, you can collect and track all the remuneration items that help produce payroll: fixed and variable components of wages plus extras added to remuneration but not included in gross wages, like the number of restaurant vouchers, reimbursement of transport costs or packed lunches, etc.

The ‘Exports’ function allows you to generate the variable remuneration items (VRI) for each pay period in the form of a CSV file that can be imported into your payroll tool.

This function also allows you to extract information from the fixed remunerations applicable to each employee present during the period to create the turnaround file required for preparing payroll and which can be sent to your service provider if you outsource payroll.

Generating a remuneration export

You can access the export module from the Pagga Compensation application’s menu and it is visible to users who have the ‘Export VRIs’ permission in the ‘ Pagga Compensation’ application.


Click on the export format to access the details of the VRIs to be exported.

By default, the module shows the details of the VRIs for the next pay period to be exported. If this is your first export, the module will ask you to specify the pay period to be processed.

At this stage, Pagga Compensation checks that all employees present during the period have a fixed remuneration. A link allows you to access the file for the employee in question to fill in the missing remuneration items.

You can disable this check in the export configuration.


Click on Generate export files.

The generated files appear and are available in the form of a download link.


  • A VRI export file in CSV format, as defined in the export configuration.
  • An Excel turnaround file. It sums up all the remuneration items (fixed and variable) applicable during the exported period.


The formatting of the turnaround file allows you to easily identify the fixed remuneration natures (in blue) and variable remuneration items (in green). Fixed remuneration items coming into effect during the period or changed since the last export are emphasized by a specific font style (bold underlined + Excel comment).

A history of each export completed is saved with the associated files.

If needed, deleting the most recent export allows you to generate the corresponding export again.


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