Verifying Employee Matching/Insurance Numbers or Codes

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To properly allocate payslips based on the employees in your database, Pagga Payslip checks the insurance numbers or codes entered in the user files and compares them with those in the pdf document you import. It can then break the pages down based on what was recognised. Several pages can be designated to an employee.


  1. the number entered matches the one on the payslip. Pagga Payslip then checks that the first and last names also match. It can then correctly deliver the slips.
  2. the number entered matches, but the first or last name does not. Pagga Payslip than suggests a match, which you must approve.
  3. or the number entered does not match
If changes to payroll managers or user files occur, anomalies may be detected by Pagga Payslip when it divides payslips.

You can try the below steps to better understand these anomalies and fix them yourself.

Solution 1: Use the report to check insurance numbers or codes are in the right format.

If the field has invalid information entered (‘zero’, ‘N/A’, ‘NA’, etc.), this may hinder first/last name recognition and payslip allocation.

To check that your insurance numbers or codes are entered correctly, go to Co-workers > Reporting and choose the first/last name + insurance number or code.


When the results appear, you can make sure that the fields for all employees are either blank or the number is entered. If multiple employees have temporary numbers, it is best to delete the information from the field and allow Pagga Payslip to match their first/last name to the payslip for the next delivery.

Solution 2: Make sure the pdf is ‘selectable’.

Sometimes, the format of pdfs is changed, even slightly, when exported. Pagga Payslip must be able to read the pdf and it must be selectable. This means it must be possible to select text with the cursor and copy/paste it elsewhere. This is not the same as an editable pdf.

To check this, open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat Reader or your preferred web browser, then try to select the text. You can visit the dedicated help page here.

The pdf file you want to deliver cannot by password protected. Pagga Payslip cannot handle this scenario, so you must ask your payroll department to generate a non-protected document.

Solution 3: Use the ‘Test’ tab.

Download the error report for the details and to identify where the process is being blocked.


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