4 Ways to Personalise Onboarding

Background information

Forms sent to new recruits can be customised to match your company’s colours. Click here for all the details on general onboarding set-up.

In the configuration panel, you can choose two colours and a logo. You can upload a logo in .png or .jpg image format.


Best practices for personalising your forms

A logo instead of a banner

Whether horizontal or vertical, the logo will always be centred in the left-hand side of the colour banner. The actual logo should be used in this location, not an elongated banner-type image.

Here you can see an elongated rectangular image with an aspect ratio of about 1200 x 230 pixels. When resized to 500 x 400, it can be seen more clearly. If your logo is horizontal, shorten its length as much as possible

For transparency effects, use .png format.

in .jpg in .png

Follow contrast recommendations


Use inverted versions of your logo

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