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 This article will guide you through the creating and set up of home office in Timmi Absences.

 To configure a "Home Office" type account, the first step is to go to the menu Configure > Accounts , click on the Create button, and then select "A single account."


Once the account has been created, a window will pop-up. 
First, select the appropriate Legal Entities, and chose the name of the account (Home Office, remote working time, telecommuting, etc).

You will also need to decide the configuration of the account acquisition:  Auto-credit and Debit-Credit.

  • If you want users to be able to make Home Office requests directly to their manager, without any intervention on your part, then we recommend Auto-credit: a Home Office day is automatically compensated by a credited day. The balance is constantly at zero. 
  • If you want, in addition to the validation of the manager, to control the number of days to which the employees are entitled, then we advise the Debit-credit: a day of Home Office must first be credited manually or automatically (via a monthly credit ) so that the user can make a request.


As the employee is not on leave, the account should not be considered as a "real" absence.  To configure this, go to the advanced options located at the bottom of the window, uncheck the box "One day on this account is counted as an absence" and check the box "Telecommuting"

In order not to consider Home Office as an "actual" absence from work to be exported to payroll, it is important not to forget to withdraw it from the payroll exports. For example, in Export> Payroll exports, click the Settings button, and then link the Telework account to the "Absences not to export" at the bottom of the page.


Finally, I am happy to announce that you will also be able to track these absences (detailing dates, authorizations, etc) using our new Timmi Absences Reporting module!  Here is the link with detailed instructions: Introducing the new Timmi Absences Reporting module

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