HR data exports: Generate and upload to FTP server automatically

Before you get started

You can automatically generate your HR data exports at a frequency of your choosing. Generated files can be uploaded to an FTP server, or sent by email to the recipients of your choice.


Setup is carried out directly in the export settings for edited HR data, in the Export menu of the "employees" module (Employees > Export).


Each export configuration is independent, so you can decide to automate the export of certain exports only.


Choosing the automation frequency for generating exports


You can export any changes to employee HR file data daily, weekly (on the day of your choice), on a fixed date each month, or on the last day of each month.

Upload export files to a file server


Export files can be uploaded to an FTP server. The server can be hosted by Lucca or by yourself.

First of all, you'll receive an email with information on how to connect to your FTP account on the Lucca file server. In the second case, you will have to enter the information of your server in the settings.

Option to send the files by email


In addition to uploading files to an FTP server, you can also send the export files to an employee, or to an email address that you manually enter in the system.

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