Limiting the duration of absences

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Timmi Absences allows you to limit the duration of absences for a given period (e.g. family events, Comp days. You can apply an upper limit according to the seniority or the occupation category and to indicate if the upper limit is blocking, or if it triggers only an informative warning, at the time of the request by the employee.

Setting up the upper limit rules

Select a rule in Settings - Regulations, then Rules, add a new rule of type Limits on absences.

You must enter the following information:

  • Account: the account to which the upper limit applies
  • Occupation categories: to apply the upper limit to certain occupation categories only (e.g.: 3 days for Executives, 4 days for clerical, technical and supervisory staff, etc.) By default, the upper limit applies to all occupation categories
  • Seniority (optional): to define a more/less favorable upper limit according to seniority
  • Upper limit value: number of days or hours of the upper limit (depending on the account unit)
  • Period: period over which the upper limit applies (per request, per week, per month, over a customized period, etc.)
  • Excess:
    • Authorized with a warning: the employee will be able to submit their absence request but a warning will inform them that the upper limit has been exceeded, 
    • Forbidden: the employee may not submit an absence request if the number of days requested exceeds the upper limit

To proceed quickly and create several rules at once, click on Save and create a new upper limit.


Warning display according to profile

The warning is visible to the employee at the time of the request.

It will also be visible to the manager, in the notification email and in the approval module.

When an administrator enters an absence on behalf of the employee (through the Manage Schedule module), a warning is displayed if the absence exceeds the upper limit. Whether exceeding the upper limit is forbidden or allowed with a warning, the administrator will be able to override the registration if desired.


Edit or remove an existing upper limit

To edit or remove an existing upper limit, select the regulation in Settings - Regulations, then in Rules, click on Upper limits on exceptional absences. Hover over the upper limit to be edited or deleted: 

  • To edit the upper limit: click on the Edit Pencil to the right of the upper limit you want to edit, and edit the information you want to update, including the upper limit value and click Edit.
  • To remove the upper limit: Click on the Trash icon to the right of the upper limit.

Limit absences over a customized period

It is possible to limit absences over a customized period. This responds primarily to the need to authorize the postponement of the consumption of leave or Comp days beyond the consumption period normally allowed, but limiting it to X days. The rest is lost.

How do you set up the upper limit rule and leave account to meet this need?

  • Extend the consumption period of the account until the end of the period on which the days can be taken. (Example: if the consumption period normally admitted is the calendar year and it is tolerated to exceed by one month, then the end of the account consumption period will be on 31/01).
  • In Rules, Upper limit on absences New upper limit: add an upper limit of X days (number of days the employee is allowed to take beyond the normal consumption period), over a customized period. In the above example, the customized period will be from 01/01/N+1 to 31/01/N+1.


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