How to have someone new submit his/her timesheets ?


Let's say you just recruited John D, and you want him to submit his timesheets in Timmi Timesheet. In order to achieve this, you will need to: 

  • give him a role that grants the "Must declare" permission for himself ;
  • give him a workcyle that is attached to a Timmi Timesheet regulation over the period you want him to submit timesheets.

Giving John a new role

This can be done in his user file, which can be reached via "Co-workers > User files (or HR file) > John D >Application data section. The role you need to give him depends on how your applications were set up, but it is very likely to be called something like " Timmi Timesheet - Submitter" in the "secondary roles" field.


Giving John a new workcycle

Are you still browsing John's user file? Great. Now get to the "Workcycles" field in the "Contract" section. You should give him a workcycle that is attached to a Timmi Timesheet regulation. The starting date should coincide with the first day of the first timesheet John will have to submit. It is always a good idea to make it a Monday.

You can leave the end date blank if he's a permanent employee.


Making sure his workcycle is attached to a Timmi Timesheet regulation

This can be done in Timmi Timesheet. Please browse to the "Settings" section of the application, then select the applicable regulation in the top left field. 

You should be in the "Employees > Define concerned employees" section of the regulation. That's where you want to be. Find the "Workcycles" field and make sure the one you just gave John is listed here. If it's not, you can add it in the field.


Please bear in mind attached workcycles should have the same time precision unit (actual work hours, work duration in hours, work duration in days) as the workcycle.

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