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For an employee to have access to Timmi Timesheet, the following three conditions must be met: 

  • The employee must have access to Timmi Timesheet, through a role with the "must submit times" permission,
  • The employee must have an active work cycle during the observed period,
  • The same work cycle must be linked to an active regulation in Timmi Timesheet.

Give Timmi Timesheet access rights to the employee

Go to the employee's HR folder from Employees > HR file (or User file), in the Application data section, to add the role.

The Timmi Timesheet role can be a secondary role, or it can be included in a primary role. This action associates the employee with the permissions and their scope, which they will use as a user, manager or administrator.

For more information on roles, see this help page: Assigning a role to one or more users

Add a work cycle to the employee

For the second point, in the same way, go to the relevant HR folder to add a work cycle.

The start date of an employee's work cycle determines the date when the employee must start submitting.

If you wish to create a new work cycle, please consult our help page on the subject: Creating and managing work cycles.

Check that the work cycle is linked to a regulation in Timmi Timesheet

You need to check that this work cycle is linked to a regulation in Timmi Timesheet.

Go to Timmi Timesheet > Settings:

  • Select the relevant regulation
  • In the Defining relevant employees tab, you can view linked work cycles and add new ones if required.

In the below example, the "Timesheet - 35h - Attendance hours" cycle is already attached to the "Attendance - Hours" regulation with time tracking "[FR] - Attendance hours".


Only work cycles in the same time unit as the regulation can be linked to this regulation. In the above example, the regulation is in hourly units, so only hourly work cycles can be linked to this regulation.

By clicking on the work cycles drop-down menu, only cycles in hours not linked to another regulation are displayed

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