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On this page you will find all the review form templates offered by Lucca. They can be imported into Poplee Performance (.txt format) and are ready to launch. All you have to do is import them to retrieve the questions settings. 

Main review templates

Need help importing our templates? We invite you to consult the help page on the subject: How to import templates?

Key moments of the employee's contract

As soon as they arrive and until the end of their contracts, employees benefit from several interviews: did the onboarding go well, what is the assessment of their trial period? Of their career? The end of contracts are also opportunities for HR to understand the reasons that motivated the departure, and to improve certain processes or working conditions.

Other suggested interview templates:

Some of these reviews can be done by managers so they can create and schedule interview campaigns for their team.

This autonomy brings many advantages: 

  • Follow-up on performance at mid-quarter and quarterly, more regularly
  • Monitoring and encouragement of productivity with weekly (or 1:1) check-ins
  • Occasional survey for change management (update on remote work conditions, return to the office, gauge engagement after a team reorganization or restructuring...)

Templates for 360 interviews:

Among these interviews, some can be prepared thanks to the feedback of other colleagues. This is particularly usefull during cross-functional projects, or for teams spread over different sites. These 360 ​​° interviews can also relate to lists of skills. To learn more about setting up this type of campaign, click here.

We offer 4 frames to import for peers during 360 ° interviews, in the "Feedback form" tab:

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