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The Evaluation Campaign feature ensures dissemination of information and active involvement in the co-workers communities. No matter how many annual performance reviews, objectives reminders or any type of interviews : you are able to set up individual tasks, deadlines, attachments, and to follow the overall progress.


1- Classic procedure

You may need printable and scannable grids : the following interview grid templates has been designed to save you time. Feel free to download them and to customize the grid according to your needs.


- Annual Performance Review Classic

- Quarterly Performance Review Classic

- Professional Development Review Classic

- Flat-rate Contracts Classic


Once scanned, these grids can be saved into the HR File through a dedicated field:


2- Streamlined procedure

If you want benefit from all the HR File features instead, you can download our streamlined grids below.  Save managers time and frustration, whom will not need to fill again these informations already saved into the HR File.


- Annual Performance Review Streamlined

- Quarterly Performance Review Streamlined

- Professional Development Review Streamlined

- Flat-rate Contracts Streamlined


The grids can be filled during the interview, then print or scanned. The HR File shall also help you to easily archive some specific fields, such as : comments, signature, date...

Keeping an eye on the modifications has never been so easy, thanks to the data history option (Co-workers tab > Settings > HR File )


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