Pagga-Compatible Payslip

Background information

Pagga Payslip has a recognition algorithm that allows it to match each payslip with the right employee. It can recognise PDF payslips generated from any payroll system without needing special configuration. However, the payslips must be legible and the identification information must be included.

Checking your payslip’s legibility

The first test involves trying to copy the insurance number or code from the PDF file into notepad.

If the copy-paste does not work or if the number pasted into notepad is not the same as the number on the payslip, you will have to re-examine the options for generating the PDF in the payroll software to produce a legible PDF.

Example of the copy-paste test:


Payslip information test

The payslip test module makes it possible to list inconsistencies between the information in the payslips and information in employee files. If a name is misspelled or if an insurance number or code is not entered, this module will point it out.


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