Creating a User Data Report

It's new, you can now share a report template

Background information

The report module allows you to tap into your user’s data and create custom reports. You will find these reports very useful, particularly for taking stock of data missing from your employees’ user files. Using the results obtained in these reports, you can create an update campaign in Poplee.

This article covers the following points:

How to create a report

On the left-hand side of your navigation bar, go to Co-workers then Reporting. From here, you can create your own custom reports or access pre-saved reports. These reports can be exported in CSV format and in a ZIP file for attachments.


Click on the ‘+’ report to create your own table using the list of data.


How to add/edit data available in the report

To add data to the report, simply click on their names. Selected data will then appear in the right-hand column. You can also use the search field to quickly find individual data in the list.


The first piece of data in the column of selected data will be the first column in the report, and so on and so forth. By default, the ‘Name’ element is the first column in the report. You can choose the order of the report’s columns by dragging and dropping the selected data.

If you want to change data in a report that was saved as a template, select the template from the drop-down menu or on the homepage and click ‘Edit the report template’.

How to filter the report’s results

By default, the report shows data for all your users. You can add filters to only show a certain user population. The report will only show users who meet all the criteria.

  1. Select the piece of data you want to use to filter users
  2. Select the operator (operators vary depending on the property)
  3. Select the value you want

You can add more filters by clicking on the ‘Add advanced filter’ link.


You can also exclude/include former employees’ data (if you have permission to Access former employees). By default, former employees are not shown in the report.

How to display a report and download it

When your data and filters are selected, you can:

  • Display the report
  • Download the report in CSV format, which can be opened in Excel
  • Download a zip file that contains all report data in an attachment format (e.g. photos)

If your report was saved as a template, you can access it from the Reporting module’s homepage and from the ‘Select a template’ drop-down list.

If you have our Poplee solution, you can access graph reports:

  • Evolution of the workforce
  • Age pyramid
  • Collaborators distribution


How to save the report template as a template

To avoid having to prepare the same report every time, you can save the template. To do this, click on the save button and enter a name of your choice. After you save the report template, you can access it from the ‘Select a template’ drop-down list.


How to share a report template

By sharing a report, selected users will be able to use the report you have saved, including the columns and filters you have applied. If you modify these elements, it will apply to all users who are using your report.

Sharing does not grant additional rights; users who use it will only see the data they can access from the HR folders.

A shared report can only be renamed or modified by its author.

It is possible to share a report with a colleague as long as you can view their first and last name. If this colleague does not have access to the reporting module, they will not be able to access it. To grant them access, you will need to modify their roles.

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