The directory’s goal is to consolidate all user information in a single application.

The directory can be accessed through the Lucca navigation bar.


There you will find 4 modules:

  • Business cards (provided by Lucca by default)
  • User files (previously Admin > Personal files and Figgo > Administration > Administer > Personal files)
  • Configuration
  • Reporting module

One more module will be added to the directory between now and the end of 2017:

  • Personal files (previously Poplee)

Business cards

The business cards module is provided by Lucca by default and for free.

This module allows you to view the business cards of different employees in the company. The business card information is configurable. Here is a list of the available information:

  • Photo
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Job title
  • Department
  • Email address
  • Direct line
  • Work cell phone number
  • Personal cell phone number
  • Birthday
  • Start date
  • Quote
  • Manager
  • Department members

Using the configuration, the administrator is able to choose which information will be displayed on the business card and specify if the card can be modified by the user. If a detail is marked as modifiable, the user can then edit it through the “public information” section on the “My account” page.



User files

This module of the directory will replace the personal files of Figgo (Figgo > Administration > Administer > Personnel files) and the Lucca administration (Admin > Personal files).

The new features include:

  • access to the history of user modifications
  • grouping of information by category
  • management of default values (according to legal entity)

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