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The navigation bar Lucca

This article concerns the new navigation bar which will be available on October 14, 2016. This bar will replace the old black banner that provided access to applications.


Access to applications

To navigate between different applications, you will now have to click on the “Solutions” button (if you are looking at the Lucca homepage) or the name of your current application (“Figgo” if you are using Figgo). The different applications that you have access to will then be displayed.


Access to Lucca administration

Like before, access to Lucca administration will be located in the top right of the banner. It will now be represented by a gear.


Access to the directory

The directory is a new feature. It allows you to access the business cards of your company’s employees.

To learn more, please visit the directory support page.


Access to reminders

Access to “reminders” (actions that must be competed by an employee) has not changed. They can still be accessed through the yellow box found in the top right of the bar.

To learn more, please consult the Figgo reminders support page.


Access my account and logging out

The user’s photo will now appear in the navigation bar. If the user does not have a photo, his or her initials will appear instead.

By clicking the photo, the user has access to a drop-down menu which will allow the user to access “My account” or to log out of Lucca.

To learn more about “My account,” please consult its support page.



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