New features June-September 2016

#1 - The mobile app

Version 1.0 is available in app stores and allows you to:

  • make a leave request
  • consult the number of available days at the end of a month
  • approve/deny leave requests

To learn more, please visit the Figgo mobile application support page.

#2 - Reminders

Each employee can activate an automatic reminder through a weekly or daily email about pending tasks

  • leave and cancellation requests to approve
  • absences pending justification that require a supporting document

To learn more, please visit the reminders support page.

#3 - Delegations

Each manager can appoint his or her delegatee and the delegation’s active period

  • only during his or her leave
  • permanently
  • for a specified amount of time

The manager and his or her delegatee will receive an email notification and can approve the leave request.

To learn more, please visit the delegation support page.

#4 - Final settlement:

3 new features are available:

  • approve pending requests
  • consult absences that have not been exported to a payroll service and are to be entered into your software in order to perform the final settlement
  • cancel approved absences after the end date of the employee’s contract

To learn more, please visit the final settlement support page.


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