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Background information

The Poplee onboarding module ensures successful integration of future employees into your company. It has 2 parts: the administrative information retrieval form and the onboarding task manager.

Administrative information retrieval form

Traditionally, in the time after an employee signs an employment contract and before they arrive, the HR department exchanges emails with the new recruit to collect their administrative information (bank transfer information, IBAN, address, etc.). Next, the HR department takes this information and enters it into the HR file.

The onboarding module allows you to automate this step by emailing the employee an information request form:


Onboarding task manager

Welcoming a new employee means coordinating numerous people—the logistics involve careful timing. This onboarding module lets you define all the tasks that need to be completed to ensure employees are successfully integrated.

Certain tasks are done before the employee arrives (DPAE pre-hiring declaration, buying a computer, etc.), while others take place on the first day (touring the premises, training, etc.). Some tasks can be assigned on the month after the start date to ensure successful integration (discovery report, 30-day review, etc.).


Each task is assigned to a manager and has a deadline for completion. If the deadline is missed, the manager receives a daily notification email until the task is done.

Activating onboarding


Setting up onboarding

After launching onboarding, you can personalise your welcome procedure.


Choose the email template

This template will be suggested when onboarding is started for a new arrival. It can be configured again for each employee when onboarding begins.


We recommend you reassure the future employee by including the following details in this email:

  • The expected arrival time
  • The location for the first day of work and how to enter (door entry code, etc.)
  • A sample schedule for the first day
  • The recommended dress code

Choose what information to collect



You can add any fields existing in your HR file to this form. If you need information not found there, simply create it through HR file management.

Personalising the form

The onboarding form is your employee’s first encounter with your information system. So presenting it in your colours is an appealing option. There is a personalisation and preview section provided for just this purpose.

Do you need advice on suitable logo size or best practices for colours? Visit our dedicated help page here.


Defining tasks

Using the onboarding module, you can define templates for tasks that will be suggested to you when employees arrive. Most of our clients have more than 40 task templates, including equipment purchase, establishment of a training schedule and creation in the payroll software, to name a few.


Using the description field, you can provide task details and include links that will help in its completion.



  • If you have tasks that apply only to certain employees, you can add a prefix like [MARKETING], [INTERN] or [LYONSITE] to the names of task templates, so you can easily identify tasks that can be eliminated when onboarding starts.
  • Add a task called ‘30 days after they start, ask the employee how their onboarding could be improved’ and then assign it to yourself. This will allow you to adapt task templates and create a cycle of continuous improvement for your new employee integration process.

Launching onboarding

Creating a user

Use the directory to add an employee


The employee’s personal email address is used to send the link to the form. The onboarding module will then suggest you contact the future employee:


Configuring the task list

Next, you can modify the tasks to adapt them to the employee being onboarded.


Notifications are sent when tasks are created and, if the deadline was missed, an overdue notification is sent every morning.

The people in charge of the tasks can access a link in the notification email enabling them to approve the task, and they can also view their list of tasks from the homepage.


Monitoring current onboardings

The onboarding module lets you keep track of all employees being onboarded. You can check their forms, monitor overdue tasks and finalise the onboarding procedure once all tasks are complete.



New recruits will appear on the homepage two weeks prior to their start date:


You can hide them by removing this right:


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