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The home page (Lucca home) is a free home interface available to all your employees.

It is used to highlight the information of the different apps (absentees, birthdays, new recruits, leave balance for Timmi Absences, number of tasks to be performed for Poplee, latest payslip for Pagga Payslip etc.).

It is also designed to be configurable; you can adapt it and enhance your internal communication (logo, color, cover photo, communication block).

At Lucca, for example, our Studio team personalizes our home every month according to internal news, the weather, or even our successes.

How is Lucca Home presented?

By default, Lucca Home is available by default on your Lucca environment; if this is not the case and you wish to take advantage of it, contact the Lucca Help desk.

All your employees have access to it.

The display is made according to the apps that you have signed up to and the information that you want to share as administrators.

On the left, are centralized the events of your company:

  • Daytime absentees and remote working employees
  • Birthdays (for the next seven days) and new arrivals are displayed, if you have Poplee Core RH, with access to the who's who.

Only new employees from the last 15 days and future employees from the next 15 days are displayed. 

To make the birthdays visible, you must add the date of birth (day and month only) to the who's who. Here is a dedicated help sheet.

For future employees to appear on the home page, you must add the contract start date to the who's who and add the "see future employees" role. Open the roles help sheet to know more.

In the center, we display the application inserts of your solutions with the key information to remember or to be completed:

  • Lucca Mood, to share your mood of the day
  • Pagga Payslip, to access your latest distributed payslip
  • Timmi Absences, to know your balance of days off and your requests pending approval
  • Timmi Timesheet informs you about the timesheets to be submitted and time submissions pending approval
  • Cleemy Expenses gives you the amount of your expenses pending reimbursement and the expense reports pending approval
  • Poplee Core HR informs you about the tasks you have to complete
  • Poplee Performance informs you about the reviews you have to complete

On the right, you have the communications shared with your employees:

I want to know more about the Communication block

Customize Home 

The Home is a configurable interface via:

  • Banner
  • Color of the banner
  • The logo displayed below each photo of your employees

By default, the main template is the same for all establishments, but your page can be personalized differently according to your establishments, using the "templates".

By clicking on the palette, which appears when you hover over the cover photo, you will find a library of banners that you can interchange according to the season, your preferences or your mood.BIVm2LAVT0.png

Who can customize Lucca Home?

However, if everyone has read access to Lucca Home, the customization is linked to a dedicated permission.

Lucca Home can have one template per establishment if needed; it will then be necessary to create as many secondary roles as there are establishments to avoid handling errors.

Enable permission

You can access the roles from the cogwheel Roles and Permissions Roles.

Create a secondary "Customization of the Home" role (1), activate the "Modify the UI of the home" permission (3) in the Lucca app (2). 


Then add the users who will be responsible for customizing Lucca Home.

The recommended dimensions for the logo and the photo of the banner 


The logo used must have proportional dimensions (the height must be half the width).

Banner image

The banner has a fixed height (250px) but it adapts to the width of the screen. The exact length is 1366px by 250px, which is approximately 11cm by 2cm.

If the width of the image is less than the width of the screen, the image will automatically be enlarged to fit, and some of the visible surface will therefore be lost.

To avoid this, we recommend a width of 2500px.

However, it should be noted that, on narrower screens, only the central part of the image will be visible: it is advisable not to use an image whose main subject is located on the sides.

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