Activating and Customizing the Lucca Homepage

Background information

The homepage gathers the most relevant information for each user and provides shortcuts to the most used features of each application.

This customisable page is your new ally for internal communication: you can add your logo, customise it with your company colors and change the picture on the cover for every significant event.

Activating the Lucca Homepage

If you wish to activate the homepage for your company, please contact the Lucca support team.


Once activated, all users have access to the homepage. We will explain further down how to customise it per legal entity.

Giving permission to customise the home page

To add the setup permission, please click on Cogged wheel > Roles, then select the role to which you want to give permission to (in this case “ Timmi Absences – Global Admin”). Click the "Lucca" application and tick in the box "Modify Home UI".


Customising the homepage

Once the permission has been activated, it will grant access to the customisation paint palette on the homepageThis paint palette will show up when hovering over the background picture.

To customise the homepage:

1)     Click on the paint palette

2)      The customisation module will pop up between the header and the application blocks.

The homepage can have a different customization per legal unit by using "templates". By default, there is only one existing template, which identically applies to all entities. You can create new ones via the customisation menu by clicking on "Add template". Each new template can be associated to a legal entity.

Recommended dimensions for the logo and the the banner picture


The logo must have proportional dimensions (the height must be half the width).

Banner picture

The banner has a fixed height (250px) but adapts to the width of the screen. If the width of the image is less than the width of the screen, the image will automatically be enlarged to fit, and therefore we will lose visible area. To avoid this, we recommend a width equal to 2500px to ensure that the image will not be resized. It should be noted, however, that on narrower screens, only the central part of the image will be visible: do not use an image where the main subject is on the sides.

What information is displayed on the homepage?  

The homepage displays an insert for each application you have. For each insert, you have is a basic summary of your current situation according to the application, as well as quick links to the most used features of every application you can access.

If you have access to Timmi Absences (leave and absences), you will also have an additional  insert on daily absences and teleworkers.  This block will be displayed if users have the permission to check out their colleagues' leave schedule ( Timmi Absences permission to read leaves) and takes into account the user's potential visibility scope.



If you have our Poplee application, you will also get an insert:

  • on new (over the last 15 days) as well as upcoming employees (over the next 15 days).


The insert display is based on users permissions to access to the business cards section, and on the activation of the contract start date in the Who's Who settings (Setting Up the Who’s Who).

Upcoming employees will only be displayed if the permission to "View future employees" has been activated. To set up access rights, please check out our corresponding article: Roles : scopes of operation

  • On birthdays (over the next 7 days).


This block will be displayed to users who have access to who's who, provided that the birth date has been activated in the who's who settings.

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