Delegate the approval of absence requests

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Timmi Absences allows managers to delegate their permissions to approve leave requests to other employees in the company, for a specific period, on a permanent basis or during their leave. This delegation therefore allows a third party to approve requests while maintaining the permissions of the existing manager.

Enable delegation

1. From the Approval menu in Timmi Absences

When the delegation is activated, both the delegatee and the usual approver receive the notification email when a request is made and have access to the request in their Approval tab.

The delegation can be activated/deactivated from the Approval module by clicking on "Manage delegation".

A delegation period must be selected:

  • during my leave (when the usual approver is absent)
  • permanently
  • during a specific period (to be specified: from... to...)
Setting up a delegation is the same as our other solutions. For more information, you can consult our help sheet on this subject.

2. From HR file

In the employee sheet, there is a field reserved for delegation. This will be filled in automatically if you have gone through Timmi Absences. However you can directly edit it and indicate the person who receives the delegation and the chosen period.


Frequently asked questions

I want to define 2 approvers for an employee, without the need for double validation, is this possible with delegation?

A manager should be defined for the employee and then a permanent delegatee for the manager.
In this case, both the manager and the delegatee are notified when an absence request is made and both can approve it (one or the other).

If the manager delegates to a supervised employee, the latter will not be able to approve their own requests.

When the manager returns, do the requests that have been delegated return to them?

The delegatee is now responsible for the approval and will retain access to this request, until it is processed, from their Approval tab.

The manager will also be able to access the delegated requests from the Approval tab in Timmi Absences: they will see their own requests in the first tab, and also those that have been transmitted to their delegatee in the "Other approvers" tab.

Delegation by establishment

As an administrator, it is possible to define a delegation scope so that users only have access to certain employees to delegate the approval of their expense claim forms, absences and timesheets.

To make this change, it is necessary to be an administrator and have access to the roles by following the procedure below:

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