Pre-Filling and favorites

Presence mode

By default, a declarant’s timesheet in Timmi is pre-filled using their contractual hours or schedules as defined in their work cycle.

Any absences entered in Figgo, holidays and other exceptions (customising the calendar) are also taken into consideration and used to update pre-filled hours.

If at any time these hours or schedules do not reflect an employee’s normal working hours, instead of forcing them to constantly update their attendance time in Timmi, there is a feature that allows them to set a custom schedule, which will replace the contractual schedule used for pre-filling.

Bookmarking a week

This is very simple: the employee in question selects a past full week (without any absences and/or exceptions) with a schedule the reflects their normal attendance time and marks it as a pre-fill template by clicking on the bookmark button that appears when they mouse-over their header.


The choice of week is restricted: the week must be in the past and it cannot contain any exceptional events, like absences (Figgo) or public holidays.


When pre-filling is enabled, each time Timmi consults a timesheet, it will try to pre-fill the timesheet using the bookmarked hours.


Here is the list ofconditions for this automatic pre-filling:

  • pre-filling must be enabled
  • the employee must view their own timesheet
  • the day must be ‘blank’, meaning attendance time cannot have already been entered
  • it cannot have an absence request (Figgo) on it or be a holiday
  • it must be in the current week or a past week (days from future weeks remain untouched)

After pre-filling is done, you can revert to the contractual schedule by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ pre-filling link. You can also prevent pre-filling for this specific week or simply disable pre-filling.

Managing preferences

The pre-fill preferences for the logged-in employee can be viewed at any time by clicking on the ‘My preferences’ button at the top right of the timesheet.



Here you will find:

  • a checkbox where you can enable or disable pre-filling
  • a link for going directly to the bookmarked week
  • a link for showing a short overview of the feature

Activity mode

Any absences entered in Figgo, holidays and other exceptions (customising the calendar) are also taken into consideration and used to update the day displayed.

If a declarant works regularly on one or several projects, he can define them as his favorite projects by clicking on the star. The projects will be automatically displayed on the new timesheets.



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