Custom hours and pre-filling


By default, any timesheet is pre-filled with contractual working hours as defined in the submitter's workcycle, taking into account:

- possible public holidays

- possible adjustments to the planning made in Figgo

- time off submitted in Figgo

But some employees sometimes have usual attendance time that slightly differs from these contractual hours. In this case, the custom pre-filling hours feature is to be used. It grants users the ability to set their own usual working hours, which will be used as a basis for pre-filling timesheets.

Bookmarking a week 

In order to use this feature, the submitter has to select a week whose working hours represent his/her usual working hours, and bookmark it as the week to use as pattern by clicking on the bookmark icon revealed upond hovering the week header in the submission interface.

Beware, only past and exception-free (no time off and no holidays) weeks can be bookmarked.




Once a week has been bookmarked, Timmi will automatically pre-fill the working hours of any week based on the ones of the bookmarked week.


Here are the conditions for the activation of this custom pre-filling for a  given day:

- the pre-filling feature must be activated

- the user must be viewing his/her own timesheet

- the day must be "pristine", ie its hours have never been touched

- the day must belong to a past week, or at least the current one (future weeks won't be affected until then)

Once the pre-filling has been executed, a message will confirm everything went well and links will be shown enabling the user to: 

- roll back to contractual hours

- prevent the pre-filling of this specific week

- disable the pre-filling feature

Pre-filling preferences

The user can view and edit his/her own pre-filling preferences by clicking on the button "My preferences" in the top right corner of the screen.



Here, the user can:

- enable/disable the pre-filling

- directly go to the bookmarked week

- view a brief explanation of how the pre-filling works

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