The Figgo mobile app for Android and iOS allows leave requests to be made and for these requests to be approved by managers. You can download it directly from iTunes or Google Play by searching for “Figgo.”

The mobile application does not work offline as it requires access to the server in order to retrieve information in real time.

Features of version 1.0

The Figgo mobile application is intended for employees and their managers. We have kept the basic features which represent the primary uses of these groups.

  • Make a leave request: you cannot modify Figgo’s proposition of leave distribution to different leave accounts. It’s exactly the same as the distribution proposed in the Desktop version. In 80% of cases, the proposition is not modified by the user, so we have decided to keep this feature for the time being.
  • Access the number of available days at the end of the displayed month: this number of days only takes into account the days that you are able to take by this date without triggering an alert (respecting the consumption period, account is not overdrawn, etc.).
  • Approve/deny supervisor leave requests: the mobile app shows you the other employees who are absent in the same department.

Logging into the mobile application

Upon logging in for the first time, the mobile app will present you with a quick overview before bringing you to an interface where you can enter an email address.

Once your email address is entered, you have the choice between two login methods:

  • Retrieving an authentication link through an email
  • Entering your password

The “connect through email” option is the simplest: by clicking this button, you will receive an email which will contain a button that will allow you to synch your Figgo user account to your smartphone.

If you do not have access to your professional email account on your mobile device and you don’t know your password, you can also login with the help of a 6 digit code.

In any case, your mobile app with keep you logged in as long as you use it regularly. After two months of inactivity, you will have to login again.

Please note that in the training and demo sites, you will be required to log in with a 6 digit code.

  1. Log into Figgo from your internet browser.
  2. Click on your name in the navigation bar found in the top right corner of the interface.
  3. Your user preferences will appear, and you will see a button which will allow you to generate a mobile authentication code. Click on it to display a 6 digit code which will only be valid for 15 minutes (you can generate another one at anytime).
  4. Download the Figgo app on your mobile from Google Play or iTunes.
  5. Open the application. After a few welcome messages, you will arrive at a page where you can enter your code.
  6. You’re finished, your mobile application is ready to use!

If your mobile application is inactive for two months, you will be required to log in again following the same procedure. If you are a frequent user, you will probably never have to log in again.

Make a request

You can make a leave request by selecting the first and last day of the absence on the calendar. Figgo will determine the best possible proposition according to your available days at the end of the month your request is in while respecting your company’s management policies.

Example: I am requesting the week of May 2.

Figgo suggests that I take two days of paid leave and two days of compensatory time. I cannot modify this proposition. To request another absence, I must make my request through the Desktop version.

The request pending approval appears with diagonal dashes on the calendar.

The number of available days

The mobile application displays the employee’s number of available days from now until the end of the month. This number is calculated according to the month displayed. Only accounts where the consumption period is active are taken into account. We calculate the available balance at the end of the month (the end of April 2016 is the example below) while taking into account the days requested from the account after the end of the month.

Display the requests pending approval

By default, I see the list of requests that I have to approve. The requests are organized by the date employees created/made the request.

Please note that I see employee photos if they have been added in Lucca.

I can approve a request by swiping it to the right, and I can cancel an action within 5 seconds.

By clicking on a request, I can see its details as well as the other absent employees in the same department.

By scrolling down, every employee is displayed.


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