The put on leave tab has different functionalities. It allows you to:

  • Put on leave one employee or a group of employee;
  • Cancel a leave request already validated by the manager;
  • Change the reason for absence of an employee;
  • Define a day off for a group of person.


#Focus 1: put on leave for one employee

In step 1/3, you first need to select an employee in the drop-down menu, followed by the dates of his absence on the calendar.

On the right side of the screen appears an estimation of his balances at the end of the last month on which the request is made.


Step 2 allows you to choose the type of absence. The choice of the accounts that appear in the drop-down menu is made in the parameters of the account under ''Is the account displayed in the module 'Put on leave' (no approval workflow)?''.

If the sick leaves module is activated on your site, therefore the ''sick leave'' type absences won't appear in this drop-down menu.

In this step, you also have the opportunity to send a notification to the employee as well as his supervisor(s), to notify them about this pu on leave.

Step 3 allow you to validate this request. She takes back the selected dates and permits you to enter this put on leave in Figgo. A put on leave request doesn't need the manager's approval, it is validated automatically.



#Focus 2: cancel an approved leave

In order to cancel an approved leave, the first step is to select the employee in the drop-down menu. You then need to select the dates of the absence to cancel on the calendar, and check the box ''cancel an approved leave'', before saving this request in step 3.


#Focus 3: change the reason for absence of an employee

To change the reason for absence of an employee, already validated by the manager, the first step is to select the employee in the drop-down menu. You then need to select the date of the absence to modify on the calendar.

Once the date are correctly selected, you need to choose in the drop-down menu, the new type of absence before clicking ''Save''.

This action will automatically credit back the account used in the first place, and débit the new account selected.


#Focus 4: put on leave for a group of employee

To put on leave a group of employee, Figgo offers the possibility to apply filters, in order to help you choose the employees you want to put on leave. The first filter you can apply is a filter by department. Once this filter set up, you can use other filters (legal entity, category or acquisition profile). After applying all the filters you need, you can still remove some person not concerned by this put on leave, on the right side of the calendar. You simply have to un-check their box.

Once the population is selected, the next step are the same as a put on leave for an individual:

  • Select the dates of the absence
  • Select the type of absence
  • Save the request


#Focus 5: define a day off for a group of person

In order to define a day off for a group of person, the first steps are identical than the ones in focus 4. The difference comes in step 2. Instead of selecting an account, you simply have to select the box ''define a day off".

On the contrary, if you wish to cancel a day off to make it a work day, you need to check the box ''define a day theoretically worked''.

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