Creating a new user after the month of arrival

We recommend creating users in Lucca the month they arrive in the company. If the annual leaves are credited every month, it allows to have automatically the credit of the first month (prorated according to the arrival date).

If annual leaves are entitled in full at the beginning of the year you are not concerned by this issue. In this case the new users will show up on the administrator dashboard in Figgo and you can credit the annual leaves from there.


In the case where you create a user the month after his arrival you will need to manually relaunch the monthly credit of the month of arrival.

Go to the Administrator tab in Figgo, then Manage>Monthly entries.

Clic on the month of arrival. You should see the days already credited, and additional lines with "0" for the same accounts. This is when you have users who should have had this month's credit but did not get it.Check the boxes of the accounts, and click Continue.

You should then see the list of users and the corresponding credits. If you are OK with it click Save.


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