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The majority of actions carried out on Timmi Absences generate automatic emails. These emails will be sent from IP Please whitelist this address on your server.
Below you will find a list of the notifications received by the user and their manager, according to the case concerned:

User role

Approval of the absence request: The user is notified that their manager approved their absence request. If the company has implemented a double approval procedure for leave requests (manager 1 then manager 2), the user is notified only once at the last stage of the process.

Note : alerts (requests in the past, using a balance with a consumption period that has not yet started) are not included in these emails.

Refusal of absence request: identical to the approval

Approval of leave request cancellation: users are notified that their leave request cancellation has been approved.

Leave notification or schedule management: when the administrator places an employee on leave, a notification can be sent to the employee concerned.


Manager role


Absence approval request: when one of the employees they supervise makes an absence request, the manager (and their delegate if delegation has been activated) receives a notification. This notification allows the employee to approve the leave directly, or to do so in Timmi Absences.

Cancellation requests: the manager is also notified of the employee's cancellation requests, in both cancellation scenarios (request not approved/request approved)

Supervised employee put on leave: when the administrator puts an employee on leave, the manager can also be notified.

Approval reminder by the administrator: if the manager has not approved the employee's absence requests, the administrator can remind them. A notification is then sent to the approver.

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