List of notification e-mails in Figgo

The majority of the actions made in Figgo generate automatic e-mails.

You will find below examples of notification e-mails received by the user and his/her manager according to different scenarii.

  1. User permission
  • Notification of creation of an employee file 

Every new user can be informed by e-mail of the creation of his personal account:

  • Password forgotten

By clicking on the link "I can’t access my account" in the login page, the user receives an e-mail with a link allowing him/her to change the password:

  • Leave request

After making a leave request, the user is notified by e-mail that his/her request has been sent:

  • Approval of the leave request

The user is notified when his/her manager has approved the leave request:

  • Process in case of double approval

If the company has set up a procedure of leave request double approval (manager 1 then manager 2), the user is notified at every stage of the process.

- 1st approval:

- 2nd approval:

  • Refusal of the leave request:

  • Cancellation request:

The user is notified that his/her cancellation request has been registered in both cases concerning a cancellation.

- Cancellation of a pending request:

- Cancellation of an approved request:

- Approval of the leave cancellation:

  • Notification of a compulsory leave

When the administrator puts on vacation an employee, a notification can be sent to the concerned employee:


2-Manager Permission

  • Request for leave approval

When one of the collaborators whom he supervises makes a leave request, the manager receives a notification.

This notification allows him/her to approve directly the leave or suggests connecting to Figgo to approve or refuse it.

  • Cancellation request

The manager is also notified when an employee wants to cancel a leave request in both cases concerning a cancellation:

- Cancellation of a pending request:

- Cancellation of an approved request (require the manager approval):

  • Notification of a compulsory leave of a supervised collaborator

When the administrator puts on vacation an employee, a notification can also be sent to his/her manager:

  • Pending request notification

If the manager did not validate the leave requests of his/her collaborators, the administrator has the possibility of sending him/her the following notification:



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