Send a reminder to the managers who have requests pending approval

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To facilitate the follow-up of leave requests and to provide accurate information to your payroll, Timmi Absences allows you to send reminders to managers who have requests pending approval, either individually or collectively. This permission to remind managers of pending requests is a permission available to the administrator role.

How to send a reminder to the managers

You can remind the approvers: 

  • from Actions to be taken, you will find section with urgent requests awaiting approval. A button will redirect you to the Approval module.
  • from Approval, by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the Approve/Reject buttons
  • from Payroll exports, before generating the export file, you will find a warning, redirecting you to the Timmi Absences module to approve/deny requests, or remind managers to do so. 

From To do list and Payroll exports, only late requests (with a start date in the past) are suggested for the reminder. 

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