What is the process to integrate a new Administrator ?

The first thing to do is to allocate the "Administrator" permission in the employee file of the user. This update will open the access to all the modules of Figgo.

It is then very important to train the new administrator in the use and management of the software:
- Manage users arrivals and departures (employee file, employee discharge…) 
- Understand how accounts and entitlements profiles work
- Use of the put on leave module (manager sick leaves, delete or modify a leave)
- Export of leaves towards your payroll
- Release of the monthly entries (if not automated)
- How to contact Figgo customer support

We also propose to our customers trainings adapted to new administrators. For more information, you can contact our sales team: commercial@lucca.fr

Finally, if this naming is due to a departure, other updates could be necessary:

  • Change the person notified for the scheduled tasks (Administration > Parameters > Scheduled tasks)

  • In the case of an automatic import of users, modify the principal recipient (Admin > Import)

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