The counting of Saturdays in Timmi Absences

Before you get started

Account lists are mainly used:

  • to list absences impacting entitlement accrual (Credit/Debit Adjustment)
  • to list absences impacting the accrual of meal vouchers (Reports Meal vouchers)
  • to restrict visibility for certain accounts (cog wheel icon Roles)

Account lists are available in Settings Accounts Manage account lists


Create a new account list

  1. Click on the Create listbutton  
  2. Name the list
  3. Select the accounts 
  4. Save your new list by clicking on Create

If an account can only be accessible to people who have access to the account list featuring the account in question, do not forget to uncheck the "Available for employees" setting in the relevant account. 

Edit an account list

  1. Click on the list to be edited
  2. Click on Edit account list
  3. Check/uncheck the accounts to be added/removed
  4. Save

Delete an account list

  1. Click on the list to be deleted
  2. Click on the delete icon to the right of the edit button
  3. Confirm delete

Restricted permissions depending on establishments

Depending on your role, you may not be authorized to access all establishment settings. In this case, 

  • you can view all existing account lists (even those containing accounts you cannot access)
  • you cannot edit or delete an account list that contains accounts in regulations which you cannot access

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