Setting Up Account lists

Background information
Account lists are mostly used to:

  • list the leave impacting the entitlements  (Credit/Debit> Regularising Accruals)
  • list the leave impacting the eligibility to meal vouchers (Reports > Lunch vouchers)
  • limit the access to specific accounts (cogged wheel > Roles)

You can set up the lists of account via Configure > Accounts > Manage account lists


Creating Account Lists

  1. Click on the Create List lists tab 
  2. Name your list
  3. Select the accounts
  4. Save your new list by clicking Create


Updating an Account List

  1. Click on the list to modify
  2. Click Edit account list
  3. Tick/untick the accounts to add/remove
  4. Save


Deleting an Account List

  1. Click on the list to delete
  2. Click the deletion icon on the right hand side of the edition button
  3. Confirm to delete


Restricted Permission According to Legal Entities

Based on your current role, you may not be authorized to access the settings of legal entities.
Should this be the case, you will :

  • still be able to display the existing accounts lists, including accounts out of your action scope
  • not be able to edit nor delete a list of account that contains accounts from a regulation our of your access scope

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